Pay per click (PPC) services have steadily become one of the more effective search engine marketing strategies that help companies grow their online presence. Each major search engine, including Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc., has a search result page that shows both organic results and sponsored results. PPC ads are shown under the sponsored results with their position determined by a formula. Each ad is sold in an auction-like style and you bid what you want to pay every time there is a click on the ad. If you win the ad “auction”, you’ll be charged what you bid for the click each time the ad is clicked.


It is important to understand what stage your marketing process is in when looking to start a pay per click campaign. With the many benefits of PPC campaigns, there are also drawbacks, such as overpaying for ineffective keywords. These campaigns can be complicated for those that are beginners, that’s why our pay per click management services are available to everyone. We are able to ensure that you’ll benefit from all the PPC advertising advantages without ever surpassing your budget.


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Paid Advertising Strategy


Understanding the Company, Your Brand and Your Goals.


Understanding who your competition is and what they are doing.


Creating your target market and understanding what that market wants to achieve.


Testing the performance of different campaigns and adjusting each one to maximize ROI.