Credit Card Agreement

Your consent to the terms of this Agreement confirms the following:

  • You authorize Page One Ranking LLC, to store the credit card identified with your purchase or payment information, as such credit card may be updated from time to time (the “Stored Credential”).
  • You give permission to the Company Merchant (Stripe), to charge the Stored Credential for any open invoice your company has for services provided by Page One Ranking LLC.
  • You understand the terms and conditions of your scheduled payment plan with Page One Ranking LLC and you authorize Page One Ranking LLC to make recurring charges to the Stored Credential.


Terms applicable to all payment methods: 

  • You pledge to have the necessary funds available to cover the amount of the payments due to Page One Ranking LLC.
  • You understand Page One Ranking LLC cannot be held liable for the service charges levied by your financial institution. For example, if you do not have available funds in your account and your bank applies an overdraft fee
  • You certify all payment information provided is accurate and agree to inform Page One Ranking LLC of any changes to this information at least 21 days prior to the next payment due date, and that, unless otherwise agreed with Page One Ranking LLC, this Agreement continues in respect of any new credit card to be used for payment.
  • You agree to the disclosure of any personal information, which may be contained in this Agreement, to your financial institution.
  • Page One Ranking LLC may make changes to this Agreement by providing you with 30 days prior written notice.
  • If you make changes to or are asked to update your payment method or information, you may be required to consent to a revised or updated Recurring Payment Agreement or similar agreement with Page One Ranking LLC at that time. In those circumstances, the revised or updated Recurring Payment Agreement or similar agreement you have given consent to will replace this Agreement.


Location of Company
Company Headquarters:
Page One Ranking LLC
1617 Hendry St., Suite 308
Fort Myers, FL 33901