Monthly Archives: June 2014

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not just a trend, it’s the direction in which the online world is moving, so you should take advantage of it. Social media marketing can be very effective when used properly, but unfortunately most marketers go about it the wrong way. That’s why you have to understand how social media marketing works and how to get the best response from the users of these sites. Reddit and Digg have served their purposes in the past; it’s time to branch out and embrace the wider world of social media......

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Press releases for businesses

Make more prospects aware of your business and what it has to offer by putting the word out there. Some business owners seem to think that consumers will just “find” their website or their location. With the level of competition out there today, that is not going to happen. Sure, SOME of them will just find you, but in order to really knock your competitors out of the park, you need to write and distribute online press releases for your business on a consistent basis! Press releases allow you to keep the......

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